Massage Marketing – How to Effectively Market Your Massage Practice


In virtually all of the massage therapy schools around North America, there is very little focus on how to actually market your services to attract new clients and run a successful massage practice.As a business coach for massage therapists around the world, I find this to be a prominent weak link in the education of massage therapists and a major reason why so many of them struggle to succeed in private practice. Marketing and business development is a skill set that is absolutely imperative to have for any business owner. Your success in practice boils down to how well-developed this skill set is. Don’t get me wrong- having a passion for massage therapy and being very good at your work is also important.I have met many massage therapists, however, who are very bright, committed, and skilled healers but who are still struggling to build a successful private practice. This is entirely due to their lack of business and marketing acumen.If you can relate to this dilemma, please understand that it’s not your fault. The truth of the matter is that, unless you were formally taught marketing OR you have committed to learning this in the context of your current practice, you will find that marketing is a source of frustration, fear, burden, or resistance.My intention is to help you change this pattern. After all, if professions like massage therapy are going to evolve into a higher level of mainstream acceptance and success (this profession has come a LONG way already but there is certainly room for continued growth), then individual therapists like you need to step up, become leaders, and learn how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.Let’s cover some basic tips on how you can market your practice effective and authentically:1. Commit to the learning process ~ If you take the time to learn marketing, you will enjoy a distinct advantage over 95% of the massage therapists out there who are struggling to make it. I encourage you to read books by authors such as Seth Godin and Robert Kiyosaki. There are so many wonderful books and resources out there to help you improve your marketing skills.2. Surround yourself with like-minded practitioners, entrepreneurs, and people ~ It is very true that the 5 people you are around the most will speak volumes about your belief system, financial potential, and mindset. If you notice that your friends struggle financially, that they make excuses, that they blame others for their problems, that they cry poverty… it’s time to shift up your relationships and start attracting people that are a little higher developmentally than you may be, both financially and psychologically.It’s very difficult to renounce limiting beliefs and behaviors if we are surrounded by people reinforcing these low-vibrational qualities. Now, I don’t say this to sound cynical-it’s just what I have observed- but there is an epidemic of the poverty mentality in the massage therapy profession that likely begins on day one in massage school.After all, a lot of massage instructors are teaching because they could not get their own private practice going. As a result, they transfer their own limitations and poverty mindset onto the students by telling them how hard it is to make it in private practice, that it will take 5 years before you break even, that you shouldn’t expect to make more than $35,000 a year, that if you’re doing this for the money, you need to find a new career.These kinds of beliefs are running rampant through the profession. Is it any wonder why so many massage therapists struggle? They are at a disadvantage from day one when beliefs like this are instilled in them.As you ‘clean house’ of the people crying poverty in your life, do the same with any attachment to beliefs you may be holding onto that reflect lack, scarcity, or struggle. After all, how much can you really help your clients if you are stuck in fight or flight survival mode??3. Get a strong online presence ~ Let’s shift gears and talk about the internet. Did you know that there are potentially thousands of people searching for massage in your area? For example, I live just outside of Denver and have helped a few massage therapists in this area with their online marketing. There are right around 33,000 people typing in ‘massage Denver’ every month into Google alone!I mean, that is just insane! What this means is that you want to do everything humanly possible to position yourself in front of that massive audience. You want to have a beautiful website that perfectly captures the essence of your message and mission. Then, you want to do both on and off-page search engine optimization.This is one area where you don’t want to cut corners. If you are serious about generating new clients from the internet, invest in a highly professional website. You want nothing but quality and value shining off of your site. If the site looks cheap or like it was built by an amateur, it can actually work against you. Massage is one of those professions where the aesthetic component is so important. Image does matter and you want yours to be the best in your local area. Your website is the cornerstone of your professional image.4. Master the art of networking ~ If you are willing to get out in your community and have a lot of selling conversations with people, you will never have a problem generating enough clients. The willingness to network really comes down to your mindset. If you are excessively shy, insecure, or introverted, this is going to be very difficult for you initially and you will need to do some inner work to set the right foundation for this approach.But it is worth it! Networking remains the fastest way to grow a successful practice. You can join groups like BNI (Business Network International), the local Chamber of Commerce, or other lead groups in your area. You can attend after hours meeting, networking luncheons, or various community events that sponsor local businesses. These opportunities are plentiful in most areas; you just need to do the research and commit to attending one event a week if possible.5. Create a schedule for success ~ Most massage therapists work too hard and get paid too little. Your schedule is always a metaphor for your mind. If it is scattered and inconsistent, it means you are holding onto limiting beliefs. You aren’t valuing your work enough and you are likely giving your clients too much power in dictating how your schedule unfolds.Your schedule HAS to be on your terms or else you will burn out. I recommend building in one day a week for marketing your practice, reflecting on your goals and your vision, and rejuvenating yourself. This is so important for your long-term success. Create a schedule that energizes instead of drains you, that builds momentum instead of stagnation.I could go on, but I think this will give you a good framework upon which to get things moving for your practice. Good luck and keep me updated on your success!


A Dream Camera From Samsung


Are you dissatisfied with your old film camera and have some disappointment with your first digital camera? Well, last July Samsung announced their new point and shoot digital camera, the TL 34HD. Amazing is not too strong a word for this state of the art camera.If you have been beguiled by the quality photos taken by DSLRs but are reluctant to lay out two thousand dollars for a heavy, bulky camera when all you need is a pocket friendly digital camera for kids shots, vacation memories and the occasional wedding in the family.The TL boasts state of the art features all combined in one package. Fourteen point seven mega pixels allow artifact free sharp enlargements up to 24 x 30 photographs. More important is the fact that you can crop the image severely without loss of quality. This feat is possible due to the large number of pixels, the 25% larger CMOS sensor and the advanced processing used by Samsung.While the amateur photographer occasionally appreciates having manual controls, the average shooter would rather rely on automatic operation and foolproof results. Aiding you in this endeavor is a three inch diagonal LCD screen with 460,000 pixels of resolution rather than the usual 290K. Also helping you is the anti-glare reflection applied to the screen’s surface. This amazing screen is operated by touch. Just tap your finger on the area you want from the menu and the camera does the rest. Even manual focusing can be executed this way.

Other automatic features right out of the future are: face detection, optical and digital image stabilization, 5x digital zoom, 80 to 3200 ISO sensitivity, beauty shot, and blink detection. The beauty shot can be used for smoothing blemishes for outstanding, clean portraits. The blink detection can be a shot saver when you can’t go back to do it over.The lens is the heart of a camera and the single most important quality requirement for good, sharp pictures. The TL is fitted with a Schneider 3.6X zoom lens. The equivalent range comes out to 28mm true wide angle to a decent 102mm medium telephoto. The 5x digital zoom is quite effective when necessary because of the large number of pixels you have to work with. The maximum telephoto extension comes out to about 500mm. Here the dual image stabilization is a God send. For those close up shots of flowers, engagement rings and Mother’s Day cards, this lens takes macro pictures at five centimeters with the wide setting and at 50 centimeters at the telephoto setting. When you are finished taking pictures, the lens collapses flush with the body and seals itself with an electric operated lens shade.This camera is less than four inches long and has metal construction throughout. The design is simple but eye-catching in its fashionable colors of satin silver and red, silver with a gold top or even all brushed stainless black.I’ve left the best feature for last. The ability for photographers to create an instant video with sound has recently been a feature adorning many digital cameras. Unfortunately, until now, the video portion has been minimal in quality – about like an analogue television picture – and the sound screechy and distorted. Enter High Definition 1280 x 720 video and stereo sound. With only one limitation of five minutes continuous video, the TL produces an amazingly true movie, viewable on a computer monitor or an HD LCD television screen. Helpful is the Samsung HDMI cradle which allows the regular use of the TV remote. One especially useful feature is the TLs ability to pause the movie action momentarily, then continue seamlessly when ready. Previously, digital cameras created separate clips when stopped. Four qualities are available for movie production, all at thirty frames per second for a professional look. Gratefully, Samsung chose to allow zooming while videoing. I recommend a high speed 16Gb SDHC chip if you plan on using the video feature extensively.

Shutter speeds of 1/2000th to 8 full seconds can be critical to stopping action to long night time exposures. The usual features of Aperture Priority, Auto White balance, and many others are of course present. The ISO sensitivity is usually automatically chosen by the camera according to need but the higher ISO capability of this camera allows candid photography without flash in low light levels for a natural ambiance look to the photos.A nice element is the recycle bin that stores all your photos and videos even after you delete them. You never know when you will change your mind and regret your deletion and want to retrieve them for posterity. All these features and outstanding image quality is contained in a package three inches high and weighing less than five ounces. The TL can be had for $273.00, and adding $50.00 for the cradle, $17.00 for an extra battery and $140 for an Ultra III SDHC card, you will be ready for anything.

Sony A55 and Think Tank Photo Camera Bag – Total Camera Equipment Solution


Sony has set the bar a notch higher with the launch of its latest SLT Alpha A55 or simply the Sony A55. It is a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera with interchangeable lens. The SLT or ‘single lens translucent’ technology sets this camera apart from any other DSLR and mirror less interchangeable lens camera, the SLT does have mirrors but the mirrors in this camera let most of the light pass through the sensor. This camera can also capture HD video at 1920 X 1080. Another major plus point in this entry level DSLR is, the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) which, when activated can geotag your images directly off the camera. This can be used in association with geotagging services likes Eye-fi, Flickr, Google Map, and the likes.

Some of the key specifications of Sony A55 are:• Total 16.7 MP, 16.2 MP effective
• Fixed semi-translucent mirror
• Max ISO 12,800
• Built in auto pop-up flash
• Memory stick/ SD card slot
• External Microphone socket
• Built in GPS
• Face detection
• 3.0 (7.6cm) 921699 dot TFT display
• MP-FW50 battery
• AC adaptor for external power source
• 124.4 x 92 x 84.77mm (W x H x D )
• Weight 441 grams approx.Now, in order to keep a state-of-the-art camera like the Sony A55 safe; we need a state of the art storing unit which is light, portable and comfortable but at the same time durable, safe and secure. And nobody can serve this purpose better than ‘Think Tank Photo ‘, these bags keep the camera stable and give it no room to move about. The flexible but thickly cushioned wall of these bags hold the camera, lens or its other accessories in place sturdily. So it doesn’t matter if you’re taking a stroll in a park or an African safari, your camera will always be safe and sound.

Think tank photo is a group of pro photographers and designers who came together in January 2005, and decided to use their creative knowledge and intricate skills for one common purpose – to design safe and secure camera bags. This helps photographers in taking pictures faster, keeping their gear and accessories safe and secure from dust, water and accidents. They design products like rolling camera bags, camera backpacks, straps and harnesses, camera rain covers, holster camera bags, skin component systems, sling bags, and several other remarkable options to keep your prized possessions safe from any mishap.

Say Goodbye to Mr Wrong – Five Indicators of Whether a Man is Happily Ever After Marriage Material


If you’re like many single women, you keep dating and falling in love with the wrong guy. You know the type– men who haven’t got their act together, are undependable, emotionally unavailable, never fall back in love with you, or are chronically under or unemployed… If marriage to a great man is your goal, but you find yourself dating the type of man described above, your first step to finding Mr. Truly Wonderful is to recognize your negative dating patterns. While the men you date may have different names, faces and occupations, look closely and you’ll discover you’re dating the same guy over and over again. Until you recognize him and make a decision to avoid him, you’re destined to waste your time on another “unmarriable” man.Unfortunately, most women have a romanticized view of love, which isn’t surprising given the movies, TV, music and fairytales that tell us we’ll live happily ever after, that all we need is love and that love conquers all. I’m all for love and I firmly believe happily ever after is attainable, but if you want it, you’ve got to be careful about who you date and allow yourself to fall in love with. Otherwise all you do is set yourself up for more heartache. Haven’t you had enough?How to identify a man with happily ever after marriage potential:1). He’s dependable. He does what he says he will do, end of story. Now I know everyone messes up, but what we’re talking about are patterns. Let me tell you about a man I met. He set up a time to call, but didn’t. When he call several days later he apologized, offered a plausible excuse and asked for second chance to which I agreed. Shock of the century, but he failed to call again. When he left another good excuse on my voicemail, I called him back and said, “While I appreciate the interest, I looking for someone who’s dependable.” Didn’t hear from him for awhile, then out of the blue… “I’ve been sober 2 weeks and I really want to take you out.” Needless to say, I didn’t call back. While I had no way of knowing he had a drinking problem, he’d shown me early on he wasn’t reliable. Bottom line, when behaviors and words don’t match, always listen to the behavior!2). He’s kind. Pay attention to how he treats everyone. Someone who is nice to you, but yells at others, will one day yell at you. It’s just a matter of time. Same with someone who’s critical of others. Make no mistake, one day he will turn it on you. Someone who loses his temper, yells and takes pot shots is not happily ever after marriage material. Verbal abuse doesn’t get better over time and left unchecked, it escalates into physical and emotional abuse. See how he treats his family, service providers, friends, co-workers and children if he has them… If he complains about them or treats them poorly, eventually he’ll do the same to you. Refuse to date anyone who isn’t kind to others, you deserve a man who treats you well.3). He’s generous. With his time, emotions, talents and resources. If you need help, he’s there. If you’ve had a bad day and need to talk about it, he makes time for you. Just make sure you don’t take advantage of this! If you complain often or are regularly in crisis but nothing shifts, he’s probably not going to deem you marriage material! A good man with marriage potential takes you places, pays for dates and doesn’t expect sex in return for a meal or the movies. On a side note, if you feel obligated for sex after someone pays for a date, recognize the exchange for what you’ve made it, a horribly cheap form of prostitution. If you want to land a great guy, you’ve got to value yourself far too highly to engage in such demeaning behavior! You are worth being valued highly and treated well. Don’t expect or accept less, ever.4). His financial house is in order. One of men’s developmental challenges is to earn enough money to take care of himself and, if he chooses to marry, his family. The vast majority of the women I meet are bright, have jobs and are more than capable of providing for themselves financially. I’m not advocating that they need to be taken care of; what’s important to know is that men who are happily ever after marriage material are able and willing to provide. Two major killers of love include a) women financially taking care of men who are physically and mentally able to take care of themselves, and b) divided finances. I’ve yet to see a couple who “split” the bills stay in love. Trust me, someone always ends up with less, feels taken advantage of and resentment begins to build. Love, in turn, slowly beings to die. If you want a roommate, get a roommate. If you want lasting love, look for a man who’s financial house is in order and who is willing and able to provide.5). He pursues you. Sounds old fashioned, but it doesn’t change the truth. The only way you’ll ever truly know if a man is interested in you is if he pursues you. Otherwise, if he’s like most men, he’ll be flattered by your attention, date you, sleep with you if you’ll let him, and when the right woman comes along, he’ll dump you and begin to pursue her. Men aren’t inherently evil, they are simply wired to conserve their resources and if a woman’s going to do the work, they are generally happy to let her. Pity the poor woman who pays for all the dates or regularly has him over for movies and sex and thinks she’s in a relationship that’s moving toward something better. A heartbreak is on the way, and if, by some chance he passively marries you, he’ll never be the type of husband you want or deserve. The kicker of it all is that you helped condition him to be lazy.If you want to be happily married, guard your heart and make sure the object of your affection is worthy of it! Get to really know him, introduce him early on to your family and friends. Run in the other direction if he’s unwilling to meet them. If your family and friends don’t like him, there’s probably a good reason that you’re unable or unwilling to see. Their judgment isn’t clouded by romance. You’ve heard the old phrase, “love is blind”. It’s true, right up until the romantic phase of love dies. That’s the phase that glues two hearts together, is so wonderfully exciting and propels couples to marry. But once it dies, and it must if you want lasting love, you’re left with a real person. Guard your heart, check him out thoroughly before you allow yourself to fall in love, and look for the marks of a good, marriable man. You’re worth a man who’s dependable, kind, generous, has his financial house in order and who pursues you!

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off Online and Becoming Another Victim


With the advent of the Internet we are seeing scams rise and proliferate faster than the increase in healthcare costs. From identity theft scams to scams that just exists to take your money they are everywhere and the odds are you’ll be contacted by at least one every day in your email or some other method or fashion ( according to the FBI and numerous police agencies the amount of scams out there averages one per person right now). So how is one to avoid being taken in by all these scams?First, when you are looking through your emails if you see something that doesn’t look right it probably is a scam. This is the most prevalent area scammers and fraudsters hit is email. This is because they know it’s a numbers game and the more people they contact with their scam or fraud for more victims they will find. So by using email they can easily go and communicate with millions of people and find thousands of victims. So the number one way to stop scams is to delete out and spam marked anything that looks like spam.When you see a Nigerian scam that comes in to your email and says you have been found to be the sole heir to someone from Libya or Nigeria was an engineer and left you $3 million dollars or more and they want your information to contact you on this, use your head. If someone really did die and leave that time I do not contact you through your email. Usually a real attorney or one of their assistance would contact you through the mail on real letter head from the attorneys office and they’ll be asking you to come in and see them and it would go over this with you. No real attorney would contact you initially through your email.If you get an email from a bank or stock trading company that looks legitimate look at the link that they send you it looked at the web address. Does it say HTTP or HTTPS. The real bank login or stock trading login will be HTTPS which indicates a secure website. Fraudsters are good at making their own versions look exactly like the original bank website but they cannot do the conversion of an HTTP to an HTTPS secure website. So this should himself be a dead giveaway. Also if you see the website like your bank asking you for something through an email like your security number, account numbers, etc., no bank will do this.Another way to avoid being defrauded or scammed is to stick with good solid websites like Amazon. It’s big on customer service and satisfaction and has a very, very good track record with customers. eBay on the other hand, has a very high fraud or scam incidence (per the FBI, eBay fraud can be as high as 50 percent of all transactions on Ebay. That means basically one out of every two transactions done through eBay has some sort of fraud involved in it).Another place to be very wary of is Craigslist. Craigslist is very high with spam and scam content on there. Basically if a business lists an add and they are not local to you then they are most likely a scam, Craigslist themselves will tell you that they are a 100 percent scam. Only do business with people with a local phone number and that are local to you. While we’re at it another place full of scams is Twitter. Nine out of every 10 posts on twitter (or tweets as users on twitter refer to them as) is a spam message with a link to a scam website or similar. Just login to twitter and look at the messages you receive under your own user profile. Depending on who you add for followers pretty much every message could be spam and scams.Basically, to avoid scams you must use your due diligence in checking the facts. Especially before you ever decide to purchase or provide critical financial information like your social security number, bank account numbers, etc. If something sounds too good to be true, especially if it’s in an email, it almost always is, so be sure to use an email provider like Yahoo mail that has good antispam and antiscam properties. And one more hint of advice, if you are watching an infomercial featured late at night, unless it’s for a physical product, the item you are watching and may be purchasing is most likely a scam. Case in point, be very careful of infomercials selling real estate investment advice and or seminars as 99.99 percent of the self-proclaimed real estate gurus are complete scams and make all their money or most of it off of their seminars and not off of real estate as they claim to.So use your head, delete emails that are either spammy or scammy in nature, get a good email provider that has plenty of antispam and antiscam features, and don’t fall for claims of instant wealth and other similar claims which are almost always associated with a scam of some sort. Do your due diligence and check into these things and be sure and use a good website for online purchase like Amazon (as your risks of being scammed is far lower than that of using a website like eBay or craigslist).

DIGI TECH Professional Snap On Lens Cap + Lens Cap Keeper For The Nikon D3X, D3, D2Xs, D2Hs, D2X, D2H, D3, D40, D40X, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90, D100, D200, D300, D700 Digital SLR Cameras Which Have Any Of These (18-105mm) Nikon Lenses



* 1) Professional Snap On Lens Cap -Indispensable for protecting your valuable lenses, this cap should be used on all your lenses.Snap-On Lens Caps Spring clips assure positive lock. Light weight.

* 2) DIGI TECH Lens Cap Keeper-Elastic Loop Warps Around Lens Barrel.For SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses and video cameras

* 3) DIGI TECH Professional 5 Piece Cleaning Kit -Eliminate dust and smudges from your camera
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