Sony A55 and Think Tank Photo Camera Bag – Total Camera Equipment Solution


Sony has set the bar a notch higher with the launch of its latest SLT Alpha A55 or simply the Sony A55. It is a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera with interchangeable lens. The SLT or ‘single lens translucent’ technology sets this camera apart from any other DSLR and mirror less interchangeable lens camera, the SLT does have mirrors but the mirrors in this camera let most of the light pass through the sensor. This camera can also capture HD video at 1920 X 1080. Another major plus point in this entry level DSLR is, the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) which, when activated can geotag your images directly off the camera. This can be used in association with geotagging services likes Eye-fi, Flickr, Google Map, and the likes.

Some of the key specifications of Sony A55 are:• Total 16.7 MP, 16.2 MP effective
• Fixed semi-translucent mirror
• Max ISO 12,800
• Built in auto pop-up flash
• Memory stick/ SD card slot
• External Microphone socket
• Built in GPS
• Face detection
• 3.0 (7.6cm) 921699 dot TFT display
• MP-FW50 battery
• AC adaptor for external power source
• 124.4 x 92 x 84.77mm (W x H x D )
• Weight 441 grams approx.Now, in order to keep a state-of-the-art camera like the Sony A55 safe; we need a state of the art storing unit which is light, portable and comfortable but at the same time durable, safe and secure. And nobody can serve this purpose better than ‘Think Tank Photo ‘, these bags keep the camera stable and give it no room to move about. The flexible but thickly cushioned wall of these bags hold the camera, lens or its other accessories in place sturdily. So it doesn’t matter if you’re taking a stroll in a park or an African safari, your camera will always be safe and sound.

Think tank photo is a group of pro photographers and designers who came together in January 2005, and decided to use their creative knowledge and intricate skills for one common purpose – to design safe and secure camera bags. This helps photographers in taking pictures faster, keeping their gear and accessories safe and secure from dust, water and accidents. They design products like rolling camera bags, camera backpacks, straps and harnesses, camera rain covers, holster camera bags, skin component systems, sling bags, and several other remarkable options to keep your prized possessions safe from any mishap.